Supporting Working Families and Rewarding Work 

Employment should be about getting ahead, not just getting by. That’s why I supported workplace reforms that give workers access to paid time off to take care of themselves or a sick kid, and a retirement savings package that can help them get ready for retirement.

I supported legislation that prevents employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal history on their job application, helping those who have served their time have a better shot at getting their foot in the door for a job.

Oregon’s economy is showing signs of recovery, but it’s not growing fast enough – especially for the middle class and low income families who must work harder and longer just to keep up. That’s why it’s more important than ever to protect one of Oregon’s largest sectors: agriculture. I was proud to support our local farms this session by expanding student access to fresh local produce in the cafeteria, and protecting the vital role that bees have in pollinating our crops.

Expanding Opportunity 

Education and jobs go hand in hand. By focusing our investments on providing a high quality public education and giving businesses the resources they need to grow and hire, we can ensure Oregon has a prosperous future. 

As a mom and member of the Gresham-Barlow School Board for the past 7 years, I believe that education is the key to success. That's why I've been a vocal advocate for making sure our teachers get the resources they deserve and the funding goes to support our classrooms, so our schools have the resources they need to keep teachers and reduce class sizes.

I stood for prioritizing education funding, knowing that hiring teachers and reducing class sizes is the key to ensuring that all of our students can compete in the global economy. The historic $7.4 billion schools budget will pay for all-day kindergarten for every kid in Oregon, plus boosts support for high-needs students, English Language Learners, and students from low-income families.

I also worked to protect the privacy and security of student records, ensuring that our kids’ valuable personal information would not be available to the highest bidder.   

We can support Oregon workers and small businesses by using the state’s purchasing power and other incentives to buy local products and support Oregon businesses, as well as by investing in infrastructure projects to create local jobs, improve access to markets, and make communities more livable. That is why I supported expanding eligibility to more small businesses to qualify for loans or grants from Business Oregon, our state's economic development engine.

By expanding opportunities in our community, we’ll help create a pathway for success for all Oregonians. 

Ensuring Fairness 

We need to continue working towards a level playing field that gives every Oregonian a fair shot at prosperity. Too many workers are struggling to put food on the table, pay rent, and plan for the future. That’s why we prioritized making Oregon a fair place to live.

I supported legislation that holds auto insurance companies accountable by making sure consumers can actually access the coverage they’re paying for, and held the line on corporate wrongdoers by prohibiting them from keeping unclaimed money they owe to those they’ve harmed.

We made strides in making sure women don’t get paid less than men for the same work, and expanded access to birth control by requiring insurance companies to cover a full year.

By banning so-called “conversion therapy”, we put an end to a dangerous, discredited practice that attempts to change a child’s sexual orientation.

Lastly, I supported the historic "Motor-Voter Law" that ensures every eligible voter in Oregon receives a ballot. While other states are working to limit voter access to this fundamental right, Oregon moved in the opposite direction by removing unnecessary and outdated barriers to voting. 

Keeping East County Safe

For 30 years on the Gresham police force I worked to solved murder, rape, child abuse, and domestic violence cases, putting violent criminals behind bars.

As Police Chief, I led the fight to reduce domestic violence in Gresham, forming a special unit dedicated solely to investigating these crimes. I made sure that not only were there investigators and cops in the unit to put criminals behind bars, but advocates who could help victims recover from their abuse and bring their attackers to justice. 

As your State Representative, I stood for requiring background checks on all gun sales and made it more difficult for domestic abusers to get a gun. We also fought for the mandatory testing of all sexual assault kits and passed reforms that will better protect foster children from neglect and abuse.


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