50 days to go!


With a mere 50 days until Election Day, it's hard to believe how fast the last 6 months have flown by.   

Since March, I've been recruiting volunteers and knocking thousands of doors to introduce myself to voters in the community, I've secured endorsements from over 30 organizations & elected officials, and have been honored by the support of hundreds of generous donors ensuring the viability of my campaign.  

It's been a busy summer, but the hard work has only just begun.


Just over a week ago I had my campaign kickoff party and am fired up to finish this election off with a bang--and we are certain to win if we can just keep the momentum going for the next 50 days!

I've been so grateful for the support that's helped me get this far. With a race that isn't yet certain, I need your help to kick off the last month and a half of my campaign. 

Join me this Saturday, September 20th for my fall campaign kickoff from 11am to 1:30pm at 135 NW
1st Street in Gresham.
 You'll get all the latest updates about my campaign and then help us reach our goal of knocking on 3,000 doors in 5 weeks! RSVP now! 

Can't help kick off the last 50 days by joining us on the 20th? You can still help by donating $50 online now!    

Hope you will join me,


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