Help Wish Carla a Happy Birthday!

Carla Supporters!

She's going to kill me when she finds out that I'm telling you this, but today is Carla's 59th birthday! I'm having a hard time believing it since just last week she ran a half marathon! 

Will you help me wish her a happy birthday by contributing ($59) to her election campaign? 

When I came to work for Carla as her Campaign Manager exactly one month ago today, I knew I'd be helping to elect one of our state's strongest leaders to office. Carla has been serving her community of Gresham and East Portland for nearly 35 years. As the former Gresham Police Chief, a school board member, and active community volunteer, Carla is undeniably dedicated to our community. Each day I am grateful to come to our campaign office and work hard to elect not just a fantastic IMG_5219.jpgcandidate to office, but a truly great person.

Carla has dedicated her life to ensure the safety of our community, advocate for a first class education for our children, support essential services for families in need, and promote policies that create a local economy that supports Oregon families. She will work every day in Salem to represent and serve the community she calls home. 

Carla won the Democratic nomination for House District 50 handedly in the Primary Election this past May. As we look forward to the General Election this November, we plan to work even harder. In order to make this campaign a success Carla needs our support. 

So, in the spirit of the birthday girl, will you take one minute today to contribute to her campaign?

I feel comfortable speaking for her when I say that all your support is appreciated. We're looking forward to work ahead on the campaign, and we're looking forward to heading to Salem when we're done! 



P.S. - I hope to be posting some fun photos of Carla today, so make sure you like her on Facebook. If you can’t donate today that’s okay! You can still have a HUGE impact by signing up to volunteer!

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